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marketing December 2, 2020 0 Comments

Analysis in software development is the first step in doing a good job.
This analysis can be divided into several stages, all of which are important.

The first step is to know exactly what the customer wants. It is very important to pay special attention to the customer’s answer when we ask this question. You have to know what the client expects the software to do.
We must empathize with the client, find out in detail what problems are needed to be solved.

We have to use all our experience and technical capacity to understand in depth what is most important to the customer.

Once this is achieved, we must investigate what data we have to feed the new development. It may be necessary to add information or reorganize it by modifying previous processes on which we will develop the new software.

Only then we will have a sufficiently accurate appreciation of the work we will have to do.

It is time to think about the human resources we need according to the technology we will use and the time frame we have.
It may be that the results of this analysis will greatly modify the client’s original expectations regarding the degree of difficulty and, consequently, the time and costs of the development, both in more and in less.

It is clear that the analysis in software development is the basis on which we will build our work and as such it must be solid, well founded.
The solidity of this base is what will achieve that we have fully satisfied customers and allow us to have a healthy growth as a company.