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The technical leader is the key differentiator of our FLEXIN methodology. One of its fundamental functions is to facilitate customer interaction throughout the software development process, keeping it informed of its progress. This will make it possible

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The user experience is a very important step to perform an excellent analysis in software development, and it is to make a presentation of what the future system would look like and function. It is a way

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Including the operators is a fundamental point within the analysis of a software development. Knowing their needs, shortcomings and capabilities is very important in order to smooth out the difficulties they may have when performing their work.

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Divide the problem and you can solve the parts one by one, making the solution of the whole more evident. To facilitate the resolution of a development, especially if it is difficult, we must divide the problem

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Understanding the problem to add value to our work. If we made conscientiously the first step in the previous analysis of a software development, that is to know what the client wants, we will be in conditions