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marketing December 4, 2020 0 Comments

Divide the problem and you can solve the parts one by one, making the solution of the whole more evident.

To facilitate the resolution of a development, especially if it is difficult, we must divide the problem into tasks or stages as simple and brief as possible, and these stages into acceptance criteria to be able to accurately discern the resources and the time it will take to carry them out.

Once the first is solved, we will have part of the way paved to find the solution of the second more easily, and so on.

It is the most practical and efficient way to face the problems that software development usually presents and it is one of the characteristics of our agile FLEXIN methodology.

It is a fundamental part of the task of our Technical Leader, who is in charge of guiding and helping the team of developers in their work and is the best way for the tasks to begin to be carried out as quickly as possible, because once the first stage resolves , you can start working on it.

Starting to work as soon as possible allows the client to quickly present the first progress of the tasks, encouraging their active participation in decision-making and generating confidence in our team.

Divide the problem, and you will see that the difficulties are greatly reduced.

The constant interaction of the Technical Leader with the team of developers and with the client allows him to always go one step ahead and be able to foresee the different alternative paths that can be taken to achieve the excellence of the result in the simplest possible way.