How do we work?

FLEXIN Agile methodology

FLEXIN offers speed, quality and economy in software development.

It offers the possibility of growing without risks, taking advantage of our technical and human capacity that allows us to carry out developments in any technology, in the shortest possible time.

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Key points

Professional work teams


Our leaders are flexible with the client and with the developers.


Technical leaders present the fundamental pillar of the methodology.

Technical leader

All good teams have their captains, in software development too.


The involvement of the technical leaders in the knowledge of the project is total.

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What is Flexin: Definition, Characteristics and Advantages

Discover the true power of the FLEXIN Methodologies method for managing work and learn how to apply it successfully in your organization.

FLEXIN Methodologies started its path in 2020, as a solution to the increased demand for remote software production due in the first instance to mobility limitations imposed for epidemiological reasons.


Having been the creators of this Agile Methodology, in a very short time we were able to optimize it to the point where we would no longer even consider working any other way.


It has radically improved our efficiency both working remotely and in person, and is beginning to be applied in more and more companies, which have seen how it maximizes the performance of their teams of developers.


It is a Methodology that works by modifying the KANBAN and SCRUM Agile Methodologies, so its implementation does not imply major changes that are difficult to apply in teams that already know these Methodologies.


The essential thing to start working with FLEXIN Methodologies, is to have a Technical Leader.


He is the one who is in charge of guiding the team of developers in this Methodology, paving the way for all the obstacles that may arise to avoid distractions or bottlenecks and maximize their performance.


Nuestros Líderes Técnicos han dado prueba de sus conocimientos aportándolos a otras empresas para generar sus propios Líderes Técnicos y así poder aplicar nuestra Metodología Ágil FLEXIN Methodologies .

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Our work process

1- Client

We meet with the client to define the requirements of the project, what technologies we will use, the professionals that will be needed.

2- Technical Leader

Our technical leader is in charge of making the estimates and they are made towards the acceptance criteria of each story.

3- Refinement

In the refinement, the developers discuss with the technical leader about estimating and improving the acceptance criteria.

4- Proposal

After refinement, the client is presented with exactly what times the tasks will be developed and priorities in the project are agreed.

5- QA and Testing

As tasks are completed, we run a quality check. We then present it to the customer to get their feedback.

6- Satisfied Customer

Once the software has been developed as the client needs it, we carry out its maintenance and continuous improvement.

Flexin Scrum Based

Goodbye to the Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is replaced by the Technical Leader, a role with technical knowledge.

More accurate estimates

Estimates are made on the acceptance criteria.

Refinement Meeting

In the refinement meetings, the technical leader is the one who participates, investigates and estimates.

Flexin Kanban Based

Existence of Roles

The role of technical leader appears who is in charge of preparing the tasks and pre-estimating.

More accurate estimates

Estimates are made on the acceptance criteria.

Automatic budgets

By pre-estimating the task on our platform, the approximate cost is automatically calculated.

Technical Leader in Flexin

Task estimation

It is in charge of estimating the acceptance criteria of the tasks.


Has the ability and obligation to help developers.


It must ensure that quality standards are met in the project.


It is involved in the delivery of versions of the application.

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