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marketing December 11, 2020 0 Comments

The technical leader is the key differentiator of our FLEXIN methodology.

One of its fundamental functions is to facilitate customer interaction throughout the software development process, keeping it informed of its progress.

This will make it possible to have frequent feedback to confirm the good direction of the work.

Whoever performs the task of Technical Leader must meet two characteristics: be a leader and be a technician.

Being a technician and knowing deeply and first-hand the work of the developer is what can allow him to be a leader and thus have empathy with the team and achieve a good work environment, something essential to achieve the best performance of each and everyone.

For this, it is essential that the Technical Leader has vast experience as a developer and knows the most modern technologies in order to define the best way to carry out the tasks.

The technical leader is the one who clears all the doubts that usually arise from an assignment and feeds the team of developers with clear and precise instructions to facilitate the path towards a rapid achievement of the objectives.

In this way, the results will begin to be seen quickly, allowing the monitoring of the progress of the work in the right direction and on the expected deadlines, and he will be able to anticipate in time the possible obstacles that may arise, looking for the smartest alternatives to save them, avoiding these setbacks to de team.

The technical leader is the key to our FLEXIN Methodology, a methodology that has already proven to be the most modern and efficient on the market.