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marketing December 10, 2020 0 Comments

The user experience is a very important step to perform an excellent analysis in software development, and it is to make a presentation of what the future system would look like and function.

It is a way of having an element that allows the client to verify if their wish has been understood and helps us decide the best path to take to carry out the task in the most efficient way.

This presentation of the user experience makes it possible to rule out deviations that penalize the excellence we seek.

It provides us with a beacon that guides us towards the result we need to achieve.

The user experience generates the first active participation of the client since we started working and gives us a tacit approval of the result we must reach, generating trust in the entire team of developers.

This participation is one of the interactions that are sought and we attach great importance to it in our agile FLEXIN methodology.

Constant interaction with the client fosters their trust and allows us to demonstrate our empathy and professional capacity, facilitating future loyalty, which is the basis for a solid and sustained growth of any company.