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marketing December 3, 2020 0 Comments

Understanding the problem to add value to our work.

If we made conscientiously the first step in the previous analysis of a software development, that is to know what the client wants, we will be in conditions to add value to our task.

Adding value is the most important thing to achieve total customer satisfaction.

It means being able to see beyond the immediate and propose alternatives that allow us to exceed the initial expectations.

It is, for example, working with an architecture that facilitates future updating and allows adding extra utilities to those needed today.

It can also be to modify the database used by the system to add some field that, depending on the advance of technologies or new market demands or a foreseeable growth of the company, becomes important in the future.

It is of great value for the client that already at this moment we can discern future needs and propose solutions for their satisfaction.

Thus, in addition to achieving current objectives, we will already be facilitating future tasks, making the developments to come simpler, faster and more economical.

It is important to present our proposal as clearly as possible so that the client can appreciate and value our professionalism and decide which path to take.

Adding value is something we cannot renounce if we want to be a reference in the wide and difficult current software market.