“There have always been leaders, FLEX-IN allows us to show them to the world.”

Leonardo Mazzitelli, Creator of the FLEX-IN agile methodology
Fundamentals and History of the Methodology

We developed FLEX-IN in 2020 as an exclusive agile methodology for software development, driven by the need for remote work in the COVID pandemic, these events have given rise to the visibility of people’s capacity when orienting their I work for results, instead of being oriented toward just meeting a work schedule; In this way, the great difference in performance between some developers and others has come to light, revealing the great effectiveness of technical leaders in the success of the projects.

The main objective of the FLEX-IN methodology is to empower technical leaders, highlighting their importance in software development teams and giving them a role within conventional agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban.

When we talk about technical leaders, it is important to highlight that they are people with many years of experience working in software development and who have resolution capabilities to meet the needs required by the client within the development; It is also important that these people have leadership skills, since they have the responsibility of directing the project towards the desired technical objectives.


Leonardo Mazzitelli

Creator of the FLEX-IN agile methodology, with the main objective of empowering the technical leader to streamline processes and optimize software developments.

My deepest commitment, both professionally and personally, focuses on reclaiming the figure of the technical leader in the context of agile methodologies. Throughout my career, I have observed how this feature is often overlooked, despite its critical importance in the success of software projects.

Motivated by this vision, I have conceived and developed the FLEX-IN agile methodology. My goal is to demonstrate how the strategic addition of a technical leader can significantly boost the performance of a development team. FLEX-IN not only seeks to reintegrate this forgotten figure, but also demonstrate how its presence can be a catalyst for efficiency and excellence in project execution.